Why choose ODM/OEM services instead of developing them yourself?

As an embedded engineer, it is often necessary to face project development under very urgent time pressure, but also to consider the balance between project specifications, prototype design and the cost and quality requirements of the final product. The ODM/OEM business may solve this doubt. Of course, many customers often ask: “Why should we choose project outsourcing (ODM) or OEM processing instead of self-developed?” We can analyze from the following three aspects:

Development risk 

We have a professional design and production team. Our machines and moulds are imported from Europe. Ensure the successful implementation of the development.

Development cost 

We have the ready-made processing condition, saving budget and opportunity cost.

Time to market

We have many years’ experience in the filed of OEM/ODM project. Familiar with OEM/ODM process and design.

How To Work With Brasino


Intention to negotiate

understand customer needs and plans


Product proposal

providing development solutions for customers to choose


Project evaluation

evaluating product feasibility and signing R&D agreement


R&D implementation

project engineer implementation product design and test verification


Sample confirmation

delivering the prototype to the customer for testing and usage feedback


Trial production

for small batch production and trial use


Mass production delivery

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