Brasino is specialized in producing dental sterilize boxes, medical sterile container.

Q: Why use a sterile container?

A: Reusable medical devices will comply with various external destructive mechanical forces (such as extrusion, impact, bump, etc.) during packaging, sterilization and transfer. The functional ends of the device and the delicate and delicate parts are easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to use protective packaging measures that can resist various external destructive mechanical forces, such as sterile containers.

Q: Should all reusable medical devices use sterile containers?

A: The answer is of course yes. However, the sterile containers should protect the instruments that are more easily damaged and the lack of functional will cause medical accidents. Basically all surgical instruments fall into this category. In fact, we can judge from a financial perspective:

1. Is the device easily damaged?

2.Will the device be used to cause a medical accident when it is functionally disabled?

3.Is the repair or replacement cost higher after the device is damaged?

4. The above will cause large or even huge economic losses to the department.

If the above answers are all, then use a sterile container.

Q: what kinds of sterile containers can I buy now?

A: There are three types of filter components.

1. Filter paper type: The filter element is a filter with a sterile barrier function;

2. Valve type: The filter element is a valve that can be opened and closed automatically according to the change of environmental pressure;

3. Maze type: The filter element is an open filter disc with a complex maze path.

Q: How to lift the sterile container during transportation?

A: When handling a sterile container, use both hands to grasp the handles on both sides. Do not directly grasp the lid of the box, otherwise the gas tightness will be lost.

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